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August 2019 Recruitment -CLOSED-


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We are opening recruitment at this time, we are looking for 4 (Four) potential cadets at this time. The application period will remain open until The end of the month (8/31/2019).

In case this thread is marked "OPEN" please post your application as a reply following the example:


Name:  Smart E. Xample (Callsign:  "Smartman")


Age: 29


Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 1 year


Preferred Aircraft:  Parachute


Reason for applying:  Growing up it was my dream to become a fighter pilot in the US Navy.  Earlier this year I learned of DCS while playing BF4 and the rest has been history.  I love being able to use DCS as an outlet to satisfy my dream of becoming a great fighter pilot.  By nature I am a perfectionist with a strong desire to be the best in anything I do.  As a result of this personality trait, I am very willing to work hard to achieve that greatness.  Over the last 5 months, with the guidance/coaching of more experience pilots in the 104th TS, I feel I have made many positive strides in improving as a virtual pilot.  Still, I know I have much to learn and improve on. While I am proud of the initial progress I have made, I realize that those who become great were often guided and mentored by those that were great before them.  That is where the 104th comes in, and I am excited that there is an even greater opportunity to achieve a steep learning curve within the 104th VFBS.  I believe that having the opportunity to learn from, and fly as a team with, the members of the 104th is the optimal next step for me.  My early track record of showing an ability to learn quickly and fly as part of a team make me confident that I have established the early foundational skills necessary to generate positive impact within the existing 104th family.  All of these things make me confident that I would be a wise investment for the 104th.


But - hold on a second... BEFORE APPLYING - please take a moment and read the following threads CAREFULLY (it's not optional, it's a PREREQUESITE and if we notice - and we will - that you didn't read them upfront, we will decline your application straight away)


How to join the 104th:


Software and Hardware requirements:


How to apply steb by step:


Undergraduate Pilot Training:


UPTs - Track file location and Dos and Don'ts:

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Name:  Jerre van Oers Callsign: Sheik


Age: 16


Time Flying in DCS: i am new to dcs


Preferred Aircraft:  F-15


Reason for applying:  i want to learn the game and learning with a nice community is a big win for me. Today i already hopped on your teamspeak and spoke a little with 104th_blackbird and he sounded pretty nice to me. And i look forward to join this nice comunnity if that is possible. kind regrads Jerre van Oers

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Name:  Sebastien Bonne  "Mermoz"


Age: 35


Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 1 week for now, but I did several years on FSX, and other simulators


Preferred Aircraft:  For now F/A - 18C but I'm also thinking of F-14 once I can get it


Reason for applying:  Well I did dream to be a pilote in the French Marine but I grew up in a family tied to aeronautics (dad was a liner pilot, mom is an engineer for famous french maker.) Saddly, being too tall, and having used my eyesight on computer simulators, I could not. So I resorted to simulations...

I am new to DCS, and I'd like to learn more and Mavericks Videos certainly were attractive and I would love to be included in such actions as much as real life allows me. I already flew on the caucasian missions, although mainly training for now, but would love to be more active soon in the battles just taking time to learn so as not to make mistakes.

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Name:  Nick J. S. Postma (Callsign:  "Zergburger" aka "Tryhard 1-1" aka "Clown Penis")


Age: 31


Time Flying in DCS: hella time


Preferred Aircraft:  JF-17 (viper and tomcat are cool too)


Reason for applying:  Looking for an active squadron of pilots with equal or greater skill than myself to continue improving and perfecting DCS skills with.

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Name:  Zach T. Guy (Callsign: "Kermit")

Age: 17

Time Flying in DCS: ~3 years.

Preferred Aircraft:  J-11A (Viper and Hornet are also preferred)


Reason for applying:  To learn from some of the best and become better both as a person and as a squad mate for others.



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Name:  Lars W. (Callsign: "Slammer")


Age: 21


Time Flying in DCS: If been flying DCS now for about 3 Years if not longer

Preferred Aircraft:  F/A-18 (F-16 when it comes out)


Reason for applying:  If been looking a long time to join a squadron and a community where i belong where i feel at home, and i found it, i want to learn more about the procedures i can use for online and tactics to make me a better pilot, i know to basics but i'm eager to learn more and make myself better.

Also i love the teamwork i see every time i see you guys fly and i love that,


See you all in the sky's

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Name:  Tom Gielen (Callsign Dj-Switch)


Age: 44


Time Flying in DCS: I been flying in DCS now for about 2 Years

Preferred Aircraft:  F-15 F/A-18 J11 SU-27 Mirage 2000  A10-C  F-14 AV8B Viggen. Helo AH-1 Huey Mi-8 KA-50 F-16 JF-17 when they come out.  Props spitfire dora fw190  fw109 p51. 


Reason for applying:  Goh where do i begin. I started flying in sims 20 years ago. Janes and AH 64 longbow Falcon 4.0.

My uncle fly's F16 for the belgian airforce. My dad always flew model planes. So i been in love with aircraft all my life.

My eyes are verry bad so there was no piloting for me :(.

Anyway i started out in the A10-C for about 7 months moved to the AV8B  and after that i slowly got in to air to air.

I found the 104th server and been flying there for about 1 year. I always tried to get more information and what how and when.

I asked myself the question what Squadron i would apply too to get more knowledge and a bit more training.

In then end i came to the conclusion i only like to play on the 104th and with the people there.

I been on  TS the last year and i know most of the people there. 

I guess flying with Titanfire Octuple Street blaze Dozer fallen bullet guppy and all the others from time to time for a short while and my 

intrest in learning  brought me here.

Huge thx too titanfire and blaze and street for helping me with training so far btw.

I am full of mistakes when i fly but i have had the best times in dcs so far on the 104th. (:D)


Ty for considering.




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Name:  Bill Horvath (Callsign: "Gunsliger")


Age: 21


Time Flying in DCS: 4-5 years.


Preferred Aircraft:  F-14


Reason for applying:  The 104th, while being known for its aerial prowess and excellence, I find is most appealing because it's filled with the best people the DCS community has to offer. Id find it a great pleasure to officially be part of the squadron to further enjoy DCS and improve my flying. 


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Name: Isaias Teixeira (Callsign: "CACTUS")


Age: 20


Time Flying in DCS: 4-5 years.


Preferred Aircraft:  F-18,F-14


Reason for applying:  I honestly would like to join  mainly because i have been looking for a professional squad for so long and they end up disbanding all the time, so i've been watching a lot of videos on here, been playing a lot on your servers and have enjoyed it so far so hope i make it in thank you for your time.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Name..: Peder ( Callsign  " Delle "  )

I have desided to cancel my application.
I found a European flight wing instead who also is serious and have training ect.. and i think the timezone fit my own better
than 104th Phonix does.

And also i could not get the track file of the UTP1-2-3 missions to work when i review them.
And nobody have replyed my help request yet regarding the above .

Sincerely Delle.

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Name: A. Perry (Perry)

Age: 18

Time Flying in DCS: Just under a year. (About 11 months)

Preferred aircraft: F/A-18, Su-27, UH-1

Reason for applying: I have been flying in DCS for just under a year now (august 2019) and have become very keen to learn more about the aircraft I fly and improve my abilities in them. When I began to fly I struggled to find a community or server that would allow me to improve my skills as a virtual pilot in an environment that focuses on teamwork, I believe I found this on the 104th multiplayer server as the level of teamwork and openness to beginners impressed me greatly. The overall quality and clear effort that goes into the production of the missions is very impressive and from my experiences the missions provide a competitive environment that allows players to build on basic skills in a fun environment. My first flight sim was IL-2 Sturmovik which I flew for a year before becoming bored with the simplicity of the aircraft as I wanted to be able to complete the processes and procedures involved in the operation of the aircraft in more detail. Once I started playing DCS I knew I had found a new hobby that I will stick with for a very long time.

In the future I am looking to find a job within aviation and if possible, joining the RAF as I am passionate about a military career in the future. Currently I am an archery coach, this job has shown me that I enjoy communicating with people and working with people to improve their and my own skills. Within archery I am very competitive and I am always looking to find ways to improve my technique and abilities, I believe this trait has carried over to DCS and allows me to improve quickly within DCS as I am constantly looking to improve and enjoy feedback from others on how I can improve. I know there are various areas I require improvement in within DCS and it is my hope that with the help of the 104th I can become a more effective player in my favourite hobby.

Since starting DCS I have had a passion for researching military aviation; for example, military procedures/tactics and radio communications. Overall, I have been impressed with the openness and skill of everyone in the 104th I have had the pleasure of flying with. I hope that by sending this application I will have the chance to improve myself within DCS and add more to the 104th by working hard and applying my time to the unit.

Thank you for reading my application,


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Name:  Austin G. Carter (Callsign:  "Thumper")


Age: 19


Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 1 year


Preferred Aircraft:  F-18


Reason for applying:  Growing up it was my dream to become a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. Soon to become I learned that the passion I had of becoming a fast mover was over. Due to having poor eyesight I was unable to pursue my ultimate goal of actually becoming one with the USAF. Starting from a very young age I’ve had the ultimate goal of being one with the sky, flying through the clouds and so on. It’s like everyone’s wish to one day kiss the clouds with the belly of a jet. See what no other man or woman has ever seen. Like President John F. Kennedy said in his speech to the graduating class of 1963 “For some of you will travel where no man has ever traveled before. Some of you will fly the fastest planes that have ever been built, reach the highest altitudes that no man has ever gone to, and lift the heaviest payloads of any aviator In history. Some of you will hold your hands on the most awesome destructive power witch any nation or any has conceived.” - John F. Kennedy. That was my motive, that pushed me more than the average person to one day fly. Soon realizing that creation of DCS better know has (Digital Combat Simulator) has allowed me to virtually achieve those wishes and wants. Being able to virtually achieve goals has been the ultimate success for myself. Being able to turn one dream to a reality is one thing but to do it virtually and together with a Squad or Family is another. 

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Name:  Sascha Grabitz (Callsign:  "Snapper")


Age: 38


Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 1 year


Preferred Aircraft:  F/A 18C, F-14B, F-16C when released


Reason for applying:  Like everbody here I wanted to become a fighter pilot as kid. Growing up in Schleswig/Germany the Jagel AB was close by and so I saw a lot of flying. Because of my size the adventure of becoming a fighter pilot was over pretty fast. I started with flight sims with titles from Janes like Navy Fighters. Soon I tried Falcon 3 and moved on to Falcon 4 and later it's Mods (OF and FF). At this time I flew with a German online squadron and had a lot of fun. I had to stop for a while to finish my classes and became a paramedic (not as cool as a fighter pilot). With the release of Falcon AF I was back in the virtual pit and did a lot of flying in different online squadrons. Close to the end of Falcon AF (BMS was just vaporware) I managed to win the LLTM with a team of four. During the LLTM I met people from the Flaming Cliffs community but without clickable pits it was nothing for me.
I tried the KH-50 and the A-10C but never really got warm with DCS. This changed with the F/A18C and the F-14B. What I really miss at the moment is a good and active group with enough experience to teach more than just the basic stuff. I love to start my jet with more than just hitting one keystroke, I like detailed briefings and debriefings which can make me even better. Fighting in DCS seems completely different from what I know from my BMS days, so I have a lot to learn. 
I am looking forward to a good and organized training. Looking forward to fly with you guys.



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Name:  jos (Callsign:  "nocallsignyet")


Age: 29


Time Flying in DCS: (been with them from beginning but i recently started again


Preferred Aircraft:  Parachute

Reason for applying: i have been looking for a group for over a year now. always searching someone to fly with.
as you may know am a noob in the game but everytime i come in i have a blast. people who are already on ts are really helpfull.

and i dont think its going to be a while when im up to speed. 



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Name:  Oliver (Callsign: “Aeons”)


Age: Born in the late 70's. Real-feel: 21


Time Flying in DCS: 9 years or so (other flight sims a lot longer)


Preferred Aircraft:  F/A-18, F-14, J-11, F-15, Viggen, KA-50, A-10. Anything that has a pitot tube heater, produces lift and burns jet fuel. 


Reason for applying: Flying (Real & SIM) has always been in my blood, in my past life I held a CPL & Flight Instructor rating but those days are gone and I enjoy flying and dying in a digital world now. I like flying online against “real” pilots and just hanging out in the community (except reddit, that place is deadly). I would love to join a professional squadron and start improving on team tactics and eventually contribute back to the squadron and community in general.

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Name:  Afik Z. (Callsign:  "Storm")


Age: 20


Time Flying in DCS: Around 3 mounth and I am taking leasons to get my CAA license.


Preferred Aircraft:  F/A-18C


Reason for applying: I always wanted to be a pilot and a military pilot even more, DCS is THE best simulator of our time and I really love the detail and afford they put into it. I am not American but I really love the US Navy aviation and especially the Hornets, my favorite movie is TopGun and I can stop watching it over and over again. I am truly in love with flight and I want to get better and fly with other people so my experience of the game will be the best and i can improve the experience of others. Becuase of my country I hope I could bering a diffrent tone to the squadron and contribut to it from the values I got in my country of honor brotherhood, respect and professionalism. 

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Bear with us for a few days while we come to a decision on the four candidates we will clear for UPT's. Those named pilots will be announced here on the forums, and in person if we can find you.

Thanks for everyone who took the time to apply, and please remember that if you were not selected this round, and being part of the 104th is something you are passionate about, to fly with us, and reapply on the next session!

Check six, and fly safe.

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The following candidates are cleared to proceed with UPT's.


Please contact Myself, 104th Iron Mike, 104th_Knight, or 104th_Blaze if you have questions or need help with your UPTs. Lets try and get them submitted and passed by 9/21/19. Be advised almost NO ONE passes their first round of UPTs with out at least one needing to be redone, so plan ahead and give yourself time. These will likely be the most difficult things you have attempted so far in your digital flying career.

Again, to those of you who didn't make the cut this time around. Don't let it get you down, If becoming part of the 104th Phoenix family is something you are passionate about, spend more time flying with us on the server, and be active on teamspeak. 

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