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Getting banned on 104th Server 25.8


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Today, on the last public match, approximately  2 minutes after taking off from the carrier with the F18, I was locking a target on Auto Acquisition mode while making a turn. My SA screen was on 160 scale and I saw a bandit that looked relatively close. While turning I auto-locked the first target I got and fired a AIM120 Missile,  after impact, I received the notification of me team killing 104th_Maverick.

One second later I got banned by him without any warning. 

As a player of this community in the last 6 years and several money donations, I really have no interest of making troubles or trolls. I really like the server and the players and I'm asking to cancel my ban or at least to change it to a non-permanent ban. I'm sure it's annoying cause we were really close to the carrier and it's seems like bad troll. but honestly, I had no interest doing such thing and everybody makes mistakes... at least give me a warning or a chance to fix my style of playing.

Best regards,


ID in game: ☭BOGDAN_RU☭

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Yes you were instantly banned because I was in the groove to land on the ship, I had my gear, flaps and hook all down lined up behind the ship and you killed me with an AMRAAM while I was trying to land, which there is no excuse for.  Regardless of how close you thought a bandit was there is no way there would be a bandit approaching the Stennis with his gear and hook down trying to land.


Your ban will remain in place for today and will be lifted tomorrow.


Thanks for posting.

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