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Operation Dark Water - Caucasus


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Operation Dark Water - Attacker vs Defender


104th Teamspeak = ts50.gameservers.com:9132
Password = phoenix
104th SRS -

NO TAXIWAY TAKEOFF!  You must use the runway.
Use the LEFT side of the runway for takeoff and landing.
GCI MUST be on the 104th Teamspeak Server.
Do NOT leave the server while engaged/damaged.
Do NOT go to Spectator before you crash if you are hit.
Do NOT eject then go to Spectator.
Please do NOT re-arm on the runway.
No Trash Talking / Abusive Chat in game.
Killing aircraft on the ground is permitted with A2G weapons only!

Blue forces have launched a Naval assault on the Black Sea coastline airbases currently controlled by Red Coalition to seize control of the region.
The USS John C. Stennis battlegroup and its escorts accompanied by the USS Tarawa and USS Nassau have taken up strategic positions in order to strike the airbases along the coastal region.
Red forces are facing the prospect of being driven back from the Black Sea losing all influence along its coastline, however victory would give Red forces a strategic advantage in the region with access to the sea.

Blue force can claim victory by capturing Sochi, Gudauta, Sukhumi, Kobuleti and Batumi.
Red force can claim victory by successfully defending its airbases and not allowing Blue force to complete its objective in the 12 hour mission run time.

Blue Airbases

Anapa, Maykop

Red Airbases

Sochi, Gudauta, Sukhumi, Senaki, Kobuleti, Batumi, Kutaisi


Waypoints (All Aircraft)

WP 1 = Bullseye

WP2 = Sochi

WP3 = Gudauta

WP4 = Sukhumi

WP5 = Kobuleti

WP6 = Batumi



Welcome to Operation Dark Water.  This is an airfield capture mission with 5 target airfields Sochi, Gudauta, Sukhumi, Kobuleti and Batumi all of which are under enemy control and heavily defended.
Airbases can be captured by eliminating all the enemy units on the ground defending the base.  Once the enemy has been destroyed friendly forces will then move in to secure the position.  
Helicopters are also available with CTLD to enable reinforcements to be placed around friendly positions to stop the enemy retaking newly captured bases, friendly choppers are available at Sochi, Gudauta and Sukhumi once these bases have been captured.
There is also a FARP on the Inguri River however it is heavily defended by enemy forces and will take some coordination to secure for our rotary assets.

Enemy Naval forces have consolidated along the Eastern shoreline of the Black Sea shutting down access to the coast from Sukhumi to Batumi, these warships will also have to be targeted by friendly forces to gain control of the region.

Our forces are primarily launching from the USS John C. Stennis Carrier Battlegroup located Southwest of Bullseye in the Eastern end of the Black Sea, projecting airpower using Tomcat, Hornet and Harrier aircraft to attack the enemy coastline.  These aircraft are working with KC-135MPRS tankers from Mildenhall callsign “ARCO” for their AAR requirements over the Black Sea.
Our non naval partners are based out of Anapa and have access to a tanker (Texaco) on the ingress to the priority objective Sochi.  Once Sochi has been secured fixed wing and rotary aircraft will be available at the base for our forces to utilise, however strikes from the Carrier Battlegroup are preferred.

The USS Nassau is located West of Bullseye and is providing launch operations for our Helicopter crews based on the ship to enable insertion of troops from the sea.  The carrier is escorted by US and Ukrainian warships but will require additional top cover protection from our fighter aircraft.


Escort our strike aircraft attacking the enemies airbases.  The initial priority is to attack and secure Sochi so prioritise any sorties heading in that direction for protection.  Once Sochi is captured additional multirole aircraft will be unlocked and able to spawn at Sochi for our coalition.
The enemy has many SAMS defending its territory, particularly near the coastline.  Extreme caution must be used flying in proximity to the enemy coast which has been reinforced with various types of radar and IR SAMS by the enemy.  Escorting our SEAD aircraft to deal with these threats is a high priority mission.
Strike aircraft are also tasked with destroying the road bridges over the Inguri River that are heavily defended by radar and infrared SAM systems.  These aircraft will require escort to complete their objective however heavy caution should be used when operating in this area.  The Inguri River is saturated with enemy SAMs from the Inguri Dam to the sea, enter into the airspace at your own risk!

The enemy will primarily be launching fighter aircraft out of Kutaisi Airbase and strike aircraft from Senaki Airbase, they also have some older fighter aircraft based at Sukhumi.

Another High Priority Tasking is the defence of our Landing Helicopter Assault (LHA) ship the USS Nassau currently located 280 for 58nm from Bullseye.  Friendly helicopter assets will be launching sorties from this location to drop friendly troops in enemy territory and to help reinforce captured airbases.  
The enemy will try and attack this carrier so keeping it secure and operational will play a big part in any victory, losing the carrier will result in losing the aircraft slots associated with it and the ability to launch sorties from the Black Sea.

The USS John C. Stennis and her escorts are steaming through the central Black Sea Southwest of Bullseye for approximately 80nm launching strikes on the enemy.  Although we have a heavy naval presence in the area, top cover is still essential for the safety of these state assets and CAP will be required to keep away any enemy anti ship strikes that could potentially sink the carrier losing the ability to launch multirole jets from the sea.


Aim120, Aim54 and Aim9X are only available from the USS Stennis, Sochi and Anapa.

Ground Attack

*** IMPORTANT!  Before attacking any airbase press F10 and click on it to check its coalition status***

The priority goal is to attack and secure Sochi Airbase, followed by Gudauta and then Sukhumi.  Once Sochi has been taken and reinforced by our forces aircraft slots will be unlocked for our coalition to use at the airbase, making it a high level strategic goal to capture it quickly and start projecting power from inside enemy territory.

The second stage of the operation requires our coalition to secure Kobuleti and Batumi airbases, this will be a demanding phase given the target locations proximity to the enemy fighter base at Kutaisi.

Our ability to mask from the enemy datalink will be greatly improved by targeting the three Early Warning Radar sites located along the coastline.  These sites are located within integrated air defence networks and will take planning and coordination to take out.  Approximate coordinates to these sites and other targets are listed below.

Our secondary objective is to destroy the five road bridges located across the Inguri River to stop enemy ground movements in the area.  These strategic bridges are heavily defended by enemy radar and infrared SAM systems, enemy helicopters are also reinforcing the area with mobile SAM troops and as such extreme caution must be used when in proximity of the Inguri River.


Press F10 and use the ruler tool to draw a line from bullseye to the coordinates listed below for your intended target.  

Known Enemy Positions

Enemy Airbase Coordinates

Sochi - N43-26-35 - E39-57-26
Gudauta - N43-06-41 - E40-34-05
Sukhumi - N42-51-44 - E41-07-32
Senaki - N42-14-33 - E42-02-54
Kobuleti - N41-55-48 - E41-51-50
Batumi - N41-36-32 - E41-35-54
Kutaisi - N42-10-33 - E42-28-49

Known Hostile SA-6 Sites

A N43-09-11 - E40-20-07 - 311 for 46nm
B N42-59-45 - E40-58-45 - 347 for 24nm
C N42-38-55 - E41-32-18 - 075 for 21nm
D N42-24-30 - E41-33-51 - 110 for 25nm
E N42-08-20 - E41-39-30 - 130 for 38nm
F N41-50-42 - E41-47-57 - 138 for 56nm
G N41-39-04 - 41-39-34 - 149 for 63nm

Known Enemy EWR Sites

A N42-59-55 - E40-58-10 - 346 for 24nm
B N42-24-08 - E41-49-54 - 103 for 36nm
C N41-35-49 - E41-34-10 - 153 for 64nm

Inguri River Bridges

A N42-24-22 - E41-34-43 - 110 for 25nm
B N42-30-09 - E41-42-50 - 095 for 30nm
C N42-34-56 - E41-51-15 - 085 for 35nm
D N42-39-47 - E41-59-20 - 078 for 41nm
E N42-43-49 - E42-01-38 - 073 for 44nm


Your main objective is to reinforce friendly positions with ground troops and SAM systems by using the CTLD script.  We are targeting Sochi airbase first, deploying from the USS Nassau is the shortest flight time to the objective however FARP Dragon is available in country for departures but is a longer distance from Sochi.

Once we secure Sochi additional helicopter aircraft will be available from the airbase, we will also be able to load troops and crates from Sochi once captured.

Our objective is to capture Sochi, Gudauta, Sukhumi, Kobuleti and Batumi.  Spawnable helicopters will also be unlocked once Gudauta and Sukhumi are captured.

There is an enemy FARP on the Inguri River, FARP Reach, it is capturable but heavily defended by the enemy with radar and infrared SAM systems.  The enemy are also staged along the five road bridges across the Inguri surrounding the FARP.
Extreme caution must be used when entering this area, it is highly recommended that you do NOT go in alone and instead coordinate with friendly fast jets to provide topcover and intel given the proximity of the FARP to the enemy fighter base at Kutaisi.


AWACS - E3 "Magic" - 257.8AM
ARCO 11 - KC135MPRS - 261AM - 61X
ARCO 21 - KC135MPRS - 262AM - 62X
TEXACO 11 - KC135MPRS - 263AM - 63X
TEXACO 21 - KC135MPRS - 264AM - 64X

Carrier Operations

USS Stennis - 140AM - 74X - ICLS 1
USS Washington - 141AM - 73X - ICLS 2
USS Tarawa - 142AM - 1X
USS Belleau Wood - 143 - 3X
USS Nassau - 144AM - 4X




Welcome to Operation Dark Water.  This is an airfield defence mission with 5 target airfields Sochi, Gudauta, Sukhumi, Kobuleti and Batumi all of which are currently under friendly control, our role is to defend these airbases for today's battle until reinforcements can arrive by sea in the coming days to take on the Blue force navy.
Our airbases can be captured by the enemy if they eliminate all our units on the ground defending the base.  Once the enemy has destroyed our friendly forces they will then move in to secure the position with ground troops of their own.
Helicopters are available with CTLD to enable reinforcements to be placed around friendly positions to help stop the enemy taking bases, friendly choppers are available at Senaki, Gudauta and Sukhumi.
There is also a FARP on the Inguri River which is heavily defended by friendly forces but is capturable by the enemy.

Enemy Naval forces have massed in the Black Sea and are planning to project airpower on to our coastline along with supporting non naval aircraft from Anapa Airbase.

Our forces are primarily launching from Kutaisi and Senaki airbases, we also have interceptors based at Sukhumi and Kobuleti.


The priority tasking is to establish air superiority over the coastline from Sochi to Batumi to prevent the enemy from eliminating our ground troops based at the coastal airfields.
Friendly strike aircraft will also require escort to attack enemy ground positions West of Sochi and also on any friendly airbases should they fall into enemy hands.

The enemy will be targeting Sochi as their first priority so our forces are required to coordinate a defence to prevent the enemy from gaining a foothold on the coastline.
If Sochi falls, the enemy will be able to spawn fast jets and helicopters at the airbase and the position will be reinforced by American SAMs.
From Sochi, the enemy will plan to take Gudauta then Sukhumi as they progress along their objective.  
We have a FARP on the Inguri River that is heavily defended that can be used to deploy friendly ground troops and SAMs in the area to help stop the enemies advance.  This position will require a BARCAP flight to make sure our helicopter crews remain safe.

Our ground troops are also staged along the five key road bridge crossings along the Inguri River and are reinforced by a substantial radar and infrared SAM network providing cover for friendly aircraft.

The enemy must control Sochi, Gudauta, Sukhumi, Kobuleti and Batumi to achieve victory, if Sochi, Gudauta and Sukhumi all fall a heavy shift of friendly BARCAP should be utilised to protect Kobuleti and Batumi.


Aim120, R-27ER, R-27ET and R-77s are only available from Kutaisi and Sochi.

Ground Attack

*** IMPORTANT!  Before attacking any airbase press F10 and click on it to check its coalition status***

Our priority goal is to destroy any units that the enemy deploys on to the battlefield.  If one of our airbases is captured the enemy will reinforce this position with radar and infrared SAM systems, the enemy also have helicopters that are deploying ground troops and mobile SAMs.

The main enemy staging area is out to sea, where they have 3 carriers deployed, 2 Helicopter Assault Ships and 1 Nimitz class carrier SouthWest of Bullseye.  The enemy Battlegroup is well defended with warships and frigates strategically placed to dominate the eastern end of the Black Sea.
There is also an enemy presence on land West of Sochi towards Gelendzhik and Anapa where the Blue forces non naval contingent are striking from.  The enemy FARP is located near Tuapse and is launch point for Blue helicopters based on land, these positions are heavily defended on land and at sea.


Your main objective is to reinforce friendly positions with ground troops and SAM systems by using the CTLD script.  The enemy is targeting Sochi airbase first so deploying from Gudauta to reinforce Sochi early will help our coalition off to a great start.
If Sochi falls into enemy hands beware of them advancing towards Gudauta, additional friendly helicopters are also available from Sukhumi and Senaki.

We have a heavily defended FARP on the Inguri River, FARP Reach.  It is our central supply base for troop movements in the field where you will be able to load troops and supply crates.  This makes it a large target for the enemy so reinforcing the area around the FARP to provide additional cover is highly recommended.  


AWACS - E3 - 257.8
TEXACO 11 - KC135 - 271- 71X




Mission file - https://www.mediafire.com/file/4tg7ffga8v1cwsn/9_Op_Dark_Water_V10.miz/filehttp://www.mediafire.com/file/4tg7ffga8v1cwsn/9_Op_Dark_Water_V10.miz/file




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