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CTD Help!


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Hello everyone!

It's nice to see the 104th still going strong! I have been dabbling in DCS lately. I am looking to put more time in, but I am seriously setback with crashes to the desktop by DCS. I am hoping that someone might be offer some help!

Really, every time I have loaded DCS since the F18 came out I have experienced crashes. Things are pretty stable if I fly the FC Planes and stick to Crimea, but anything else usually means a CTD. Certain planes, like the F-16 won't even load and DCS will CTD before being shown the cockpit screen.

Recently I switched back to the stable release from the beta with a fresh install. Still experienced the same problems. I switched back to the beta for the moment.

I can't believe this level of instability is common? I have no other issues with other games or my PC. Thanks for any help. Looking fwd to talking to you all again. My desk is setup and ready to go!

Win 10 Pro. GTX 1080. 16 GB Ram

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How dare you show your face around here!!!  The bare faced cheek of it!!!!


Sounds like you're having some funky issues, its probably karma getting you back for all the years of neglect you have shown to DCS ;)

These problems are 100% not normal mate, I recommend immediately uninstalling EVERYTHING, then DELETE your Eagle Dynamics folder in C:... REBOOT your pc then download and install the latest version of OpenBeta to your system.

Get on teamspeak if you need more help mate there is always someone around, WELCOME BACK you old dog, great to see you sir!

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