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Banned from the 104th server ? Why ?


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You were banned for continuing to use our 104th squadron Tags after being told by a member that you were not allowed to do so. Becoming part of the 104th takes more than just becoming a member of our forum. It requires flying with us on the server for a year or more, applying, passing the UPT's, and spending a year as a cadet. 

If you agree to change your name, we will remove the ban after a 24hr period has passed.

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Perfect I agree sure , but 1ste where I can find all rules BEFORE I join up the server , second I did not saw after being told by a member that you were not allowed :( to do so... 

Also sad to see you just can unban after 24h , I was a ex-ivao supervisor , I respect rules , but sadly enough  I don't find them on here... as a new member...

I ment about the tag I used.

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On 9/4/2021 at 10:22 AM, Spice6549 said:

Hey guys I was banned from the 104th MilSim discord server for Battlefront II. I didn't know what I did and just got banned. Is there anything I can do? (Also if I'm in the wrong server I am so sorry)

Hey dude, We don't play BattleFront II! We only have a DCS World discord and server. So, unfortunately your in the wrong place! Good luck sir!

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