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ingame chat rule?


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Hello fellow 104th officers.

that becomes a little concern especially for me. so basically I cannot chat in the game if I needed to communicate with other pilots? I was not one who are being told to stop chatting. but that kinda little concern especially for me since I am hearing impairment.  yes I was the 104th in years ago. I left flight sim community due to RL issues but I am back and pretty much active.

so I need some clarification on in game chat rules. I have joined TS3. but often it's almost empty. and was informed that there is no discord server for 104th.




104 chat issue..JPG

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Our server is not a chat room so we don't tollerate people flooding chat with random stuff, global chat is to be used for in game issues etc, not for catching up with friends in the middle of a game.


We have no voice discord server, we use TS3 when ever we fly to communicate with other pilots and also SRS to communicate in game.

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One more thing,

I would like to make a recommendation, set 104th discord server. they are pretty nice chat/voice program. it will be great.   I remember we had a Ventrilo it was not chat friendly. so they switched to TS3 because of chat function.  now Discord is out and it is much better than TS3 but idk about voice quality. 

see you in skies.

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