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Wingman and I both got our selfs banned


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Hey guys

this is really embarrassing but both my self (Zodiac07) and my wingman ( Zrex ) got banned  for TK a friendly AWACS. we take full responsibility for our lack of knowledge on the F16 Iff system also I think it still has some issues the contact was showing up as Hostile for both of us on the data link screen and after doing some reading on DCS forum we realized that there are some issues that are still being ironed out. So that being said we deeply apologize for are actions and would like to get out of the Banned box. We enjoy the 104th server and fly in there quite a lot please please please get us off the naughty list.   And thank you. 

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Ban removed, while its understandable that mistakes like this can be made with a buggy IFF system, questions have to be asked gents when you see a 'hostile' contact orbiting above a friendly airbase and a friendly carrier group.

You can both renter the server today however please take extra care when engaging bandits, if this happens again you will be removed for a longer period.


Thanks for posting, good luck!

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