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I know why i got banned. teamkilling a tanker by mistake. i was really tired after a long but like dcs so much jumped on the server to play for half an hour. I like the f18 and 16, A10c much and fly with it most of the time but when it comes to refueling i am horrible at it. this time i thought why not try it for the first time in 104th server i got near the tanker and flew for the first time very nice close to the tanker and it was nice and stable. but didn't got managed to contact the tanker i really don't know why my freq. were correct. as i was trying it very hard i asked in the chat if anyone was able to help me but no one responding like c.mon i am a person if someone needs help in the chat i will always answer if i know the answer. allot of experienced people who are on the server didint say anything. as i was trying didn't noticed i had my master arm on. i was annoyed bc it did't work i pushed allot of buttons on the stick and throttle before i knew  hit the tanker. i didn't got the chance to explain what happened.    i like the missions and enjoy the server. i apologize for unprofessional behavior. 


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Ban removed, as you found out, we don't tolerate people teamkilling assets, regardless of the situation.

In future make sure you read the mission briefing to find out the tanker TACAN and radio frequency so you can contact the right aircraft if you are on the wrong frequency the tanker will not respond you.  Also want to make sure you bear in mind that when in the air you have to press Ralt+Radio button for radio 1 and Rctrl+Radio button for Radio 2, just pressing the regular radio button will not get you a response.


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