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Increase the number of MiG-21s?


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Hi All,

I was wondering if it was possible to expand the number of MiG-21bis found on the maps.  My squadron, JG-1, primarily flies this aircraft (along side the MiG-19P).  And on the Caucasus variants we flew last night, there were only 4 slots available.  Could you double the number to 8?  This should give us enough room to fly together.

Thanks so much.


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Sadly its not as simple as just adding in more aircraft, with so many modules available now we are really struggling to find enough parking spaces for all the aircraft.  The reason there are only 4 21s is to make room for more popular aircraft as apart from your squadron we only get a handful of Mig21 pilots flying in our server which is aimed at more modern day aircraft rather than the older generations.

The Cold War server would be a much better place to fly the 21 sir.

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Thanks, Maverick.  As I said, it's appreciated.

We really like the Cold War server a lot, but it tends to be inactive when our North American pilots are online.  So, the extra -21s (even if they're "way the hell out at Pearl") would be awesome.

And truth be told, we like the challenge of Gen Two v. Gen Four.  Yes, it may take 4 of us to knock out 1, but it's a good feeling when you do.

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