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A friend was banned

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My name is Arthur, I have a banned friend here in Argentina, his nickname is "equis" he had shot down an allied AWACS in dicember 2019, he is learning how to use the DCS and now he joined to our squadron called 08th, can you help us removing his banned status?


Thank you.


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Ok, I will let him know your request.

If he is not in your banned list, why when he tries to connect to the server a ban sign is showed and his connection refused?

i sent you an screen capture in the first post. 

May be he was using NER as a call sign back in December. 

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My name is Gabriel M. Cantero, in DCS im using “equis” ass callsign and previously  "Ner".

Due to my inexperience I was in a M2000 and I had shoot down a friendly AWACS in December 2019, probably I was using the NER callsign, I was banned from the server since then and now I can’t enter to the 104th server.

Could you be so kind to remove the ban status on me?

Kind regard.


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