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My name is Gabriel M. Cantero, in DCS im using “equis” ass callsign and previously  "Ner".

Due to my inexperience I was in a M2000 and I had shoot down a friendly AWACS in December 2019, probably I was using the NER callsign, I was banned from the server since then and now I can’t enter to the 104th server.

Could you be so kind to remove the ban status on me?

Kind regard.


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Un saludo nuevamente:


Desde un acto simple o devolución, les expreso mi grato agradecimiento (ante ésta pequeña forma sincera que ocupo), por revocar la restricción Ban, del server que administran.


[Prometo ser responsable, al momento de participar. He aprendido qué hacer y, que no]


Lamento haber causado algún desorden, molestias y alborotos, los mismos que fueron construyendo causalmente un vínculo más fuerte con mi gente: la comunidad “08TH Escuadrón de Combate”, quiénes han mediado intercediendo, consultado al propio Sever: “___104th_Phoenix Dedicated___” (donde un infortunio elevado en el olvido más confuso se aclaró), resolviéndose, permitiéndome volver a participar en conjunto de la simulación virtual que Uds. proponen.


Me inspira agradecer con nombre propio: “Gabriel Mauro Cantero, equis u ner” subrayando un punto importante que involucra al “08TH Escuadrón de Combate”; grupo al que pertenezco.


Son éstos el tipo de actos que justamente une a las personas; sin importar su clase o procedencia, forma y proporción necesaria para ampliar u, compartir en tal caso: nuestro HOBIE, como actividad común.


[… insisto a modo redundante:


hasta luego… ].





<<<google translate>>>


Greetings again:

From a simple act or return, I express my gratitude (before this small sincere form that I occupy), for revoking the Ban restriction, of the server they administer.

[I promise to be responsible, when participating. I have learned what to do and what not]

I am sorry to have caused some disorder, inconvenience and uproar, the same ones that were causally building a stronger bond with my people: the “08TH Combat Squad” community, who have mediated interceding, consulted with Sever himself: “___104th_Phoenix Dedicated___” (where a high misfortune in the most confusing oblivion was clarified), resolving itself, allowing me to participate again in the virtual simulation that you propose.


I am inspired to thank with my own name: “Gabriel Mauro Cantero, equis u ner” underlining an important point that involves the “08TH Combat Squad”; group to which I belong.

These are the kind of acts that just unites people; regardless of its class or origin, form and proportion necessary to expand or, share in this case: our HOBIE, as a common activity.

[... I insist redundantly:
bye… ].



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