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RED FLAG - Round 2 May 30th


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Red Flag 2015 Round 2 - May 30th 17:00z





Mission files will be released by the 104th 1 week before the event takes place for everyone to review on the 23rd of May. 


To sign up you must register on the 104th forums, applications submitted elsewhere will not be counted!



Stats will be tracked by SA-SIM please show your support and bookmark the website and also create an account on their forums!








The Challenger side must contain at least 7 Air to Ground Strikers, we are also limiting the number of Squadron members to 4 from any one Squadron. You may swap pilots during the event provided they are still alive with another Squadron member however we can only accept a maximum of 4 members from each Squadron to give more places to the lonewolf public!


All participants must be on the 104th TeamSpeak Server from 16:30Z for the mission briefing.







x12 104th








x27 A2A

x7 A2G








Sign up info must include



- Callsign (make sure to use exact same callsign if you already feature on the SA pilot rankings)
- Squadron with link to website (for squadron rankings)
- Pilot nationality (for country rankings)
- Preferred aircraft.























1. Plaiskool | F-15C

1. Reserve |

2. EDP 71st_1 | Su-27

3. EDP 71st_2 | Su-27

4. Blindor | F-15C

5. =WRAG=_Osa | SU27

6. =WRAG=_Wolk | SU27

7. =WRAG=_Wel| SU27

8. Freebird | SU27

9. S77th_pyromaniac4002 | F-15C

10. S77th_Doktromarg | F-15C

11. S77th_Gabriel | F-15C

12. S77th_Bandit | F-15C

13. =BK=Frantcuz [77] | F-15C

14. =BK=Mr.Schmidt [10] | SU27

15. =BK=MiG [44] | SU27

17. Oberst Zeisig | F-15C

18. Bushmanni | F-15C

19. Viking_Tsunami | F-15C

20. =MX= Squadron_1 | SU27

21. KombatMilc | SU27

22. Random_Pilot | F-15C

23. EVC57_Ninja | F15C

24. EVC57_Hogan | F15C

25. EVC57/Iberian | SU27

26. TaccoZ | F-15C

27. Sweeper | F-15C

28. =WRAG=_Sparco | A-10C

29. EDP 71st_3 | Su-25T

30. EDP 71st_4 | Su-25T

31. =BK=9M317 [09] | A-10C

32. =MX= Squadron_2 | A-10C

33. =MX= Squadron_3 | A-10C

34. SolidWolf | SU25T





1. Ocelot | F-15C

2. GR=Tiger | F-15C

3. Wodan | F-15C

4. TAW | F-15C

5. TAW | F-15C

6. TAW | Su-27

7. TAW | Su-27

8. TurboRush | F-15C

9. BigDaddy | A10-C


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Plaiskool                    F15

Mamba                      Su27

Ocelot                        F15

Sweeper                    F15

Taccoz                       F15

Oberst                       F15

Viking Tsunami          su27

s77- Dokto/Gabriel/Pyro/Bandit f15


Just reaffirming that S77th would like 4 F-15C slots for Doktromarg, Gabriel, Bandit and myself.


Thank you 104th and thank you plaiskool!

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Lonewolfs can only register their own participation.  If your name is not listed then you must register and post your application.


We want to open this event up to everyone in the community and having one person reserve over 10 slots is not fair on a lot of people who didn't post 5 mins after sign up opened.


We are trying to come up with a solution to enable more people to be able to take part but this will take some time to work out, in the meantime its first come first served basis.  If you want to fly register and post!

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Event sold out!

We are working hard to review the event sign up process and also looking at the potential for hosting to more clients. More news will follow regarding this in the next week or so!

In the meantime if you want to take part please continue to sign up and you will be added to the reserve list!

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