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MIA no more!


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Hi 104th Phoenix members,

Many years ago say (I'd say around 2008/2009) I was a member of the 104th Phoenix with #67 as my tail number. I see Mustang now flies it proudly on his jet :)

I'm just about ready to get back into flying the best looking sim out there but things have moved on at an alarming rate since Lock On Flaming Cliffs 2 and I need some help in setting up DCS World.

So far I have installed DCS World (release version only) along with all my modules that I bought to support Eagle Dynamics since release of DCS World but have been lying dormant all these long years!

I have installed TeamSpeak and now go by the name Geeman_Sizzler.

I have my HOTAS Cougar and TrackIR installed but no profiles to get them to work with DCS World.

I'd love to fly on the 104th server again and meet up again but I would appreciate some help with the next steps.





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Hey Geeman, 
We are currently flying on the openbeta client exclusively. Unfortunately the HOTAS Cougar has grown long in the tooth, and ED no longer provides set up profiles for that stick, you will have to manually set up all buttons and axis to your liking. Please join us on Teamspeak when you decide to come fly with us again!

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Hi Fallen,

Thanks for the reply.

I'm making good progress albeit slowly. I now have both stable and openbeta versions with all my modules installed including Tacview and  DCS-SRS. Not sure how to configure DCS-SRS though.

Also I have figured out how to install and configure the Integrated TARGET Profile and GUI for Cougar/Warthog and MFDs by HomeFries and  a TIR profile from GrowlingSidewinder.

Next step is to check all is working as intended and undergo refresher training using in-game tutorials.

See you in the sky soon!

Sizzler (ex 104th_Bullitt)



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