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Salute 104th Phoenix Squadron

Long time no see. In fact, it has been almost exactly 1 full year since I have flown in 104th Servers ... OR anywhere at all for that matter. Some of you may recall that I flew the Gazelle all the time.

In either June or July 2019, I took a break from the many frustrations I was having with DCS.  However, I jumped in 104th Server with a New DCS Pilot who was trying to figure the game out including getting into Live Servers and using the Comms etc. I flew with him in your Server for 2x 1hour sessions and then went and crawled back under my rock again.

Then last December (2019), my computer decided to puke which ultimately resulted in having Win10 completely reinstalled... along with everything else. However, every time I turned DCS On or even Steam (for other games .... I don't have Steam DCS) my Desktop Icons would go ape shit and start moving up/down on my screen, all at the same time. By the time DCS or Steam opened, it was almost impossible to click on anything let alone Exit because with the same frequency that the icons were moving on my Desktop, so was my Mouse Cursor moving back to Center Screen. I had to be quick to Exit (or click anything I intended to click on).

ANYWAY .. I finally got that fixed yesterday and have been ITCHING to get back into action.

SOOOOOOOO..... I was wondering if y'all would mind if I joined back in the fun with you folks again ?
Once I finally get my aircraft HOTAS Settings restored and am able to fly something again I will gladly recommence Monthly DONATIONS for the privilege of being able to fly with you all again.

I'm hoping I can remember how to reconfigure all the Comms before jumping into your Server but I might need a few minutes help if much has changed (or I have simply forgotten what it all needs to work). I'm also hoping to have some time tomorrow (Sunday) to join you in your Server to get the ball rolling again.

Please let me know if you are or are not in favor of me flying with you all again.

Thanks in Advance.

Chris aka SnowTiger     :)


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Hey Chris!

Sorry for the long delay, I have been overly laxed with my duties to monitor the Forums!

We'd be more than happy to have you back with us! The pure client is required message occasionally happens first attempt after updating, but can also be triggered by mods if you have them installed. From the server selection screen you can hover over the red shield, and it will tell you what files have failed the IC. Worst case you can execute a DCS clean up and repair process, a quick google search can get you squared away in how to do either of those things. Please join us on teamspeak when you decide to come around!

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Thanks for the reply. I actually managed to get it straightened out a few days ago and was able to log into 104th's server last Saturday but no one else was on and I have some tweaking and setting up to do again (for all my modules).
With any luck, I'll be able to at least fly the Gazelle this weekend. And I "just" started trying to figure out the F-16 ... I haven't the foggiest but I'll figure it out.
In the meantime, I'll have to reacquaint myself with Simple Radio which I was having issues with as well.

Anyway, thank you for allowing me to rejoin the fun. I'll recommence Donating very soon too.  See you all soon.

Chris aka SnowTiger

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