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Maverick steps down as CO, Blaze takes over the Squadron.


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Today is a very special day for the 104th Phoenix. After almost 10 years of long lasting and outstanding leadership, we get to say thank you to 104th_Maverick for being our CO and Squadron Leader, with a drive, dedication and commitment unparalled in the community. Not only did he contribute to the 104th as an institution among DCS squadrons, he also relentlessly kept working to make the DCS Multiplayer Community grow, extending a helping hand to many squadrons, new servers and players that came with and after us.

Today 104th_Maverick stood down and handed the 104th Phoenix Virtual Fighter Bomber Squadron off to a new generation, to lead the squadron to even newer and greener pastures, as well as new hights and challenges. He remains with us as a member, and we wish him to enjoy the fruits of his labor in flying DCS once again free of responsibility and duty towards the Squadron and the DCS community. Few have contributed as much to this community as you did, Maverick, we shall be forever grateful to you. Three cheers for the skipper leaving the ship!

*****Thank you Maverick! S!*****

At the same time we take great pleasure in promoting 104th_Blaze as the new Squadron CO. He has proven himself in commitment and leadership and we are sure that the Squadron will be in excellent hands, while it will continue to grow and look for new ways to expand the playground in DCS we care so much about. Three cheers for the skipper coming aboard!

Congratulations Blaze! S!

We are also happy to announce that 104th_Fallen will be supporting 104th_Blaze as Squadron XO, like Blaze Fallen showed great commitment and leadership in the squadron and we believe together the two can keep the powerhouse 104th afloat, weathering any storm on the horizon.

Congratulations Fallen! S!

Last but not least we take great pleasure in promiting 104th_Tiger to the position of information officer, and 104th_Bullet to the position of Flight Instructor. While Tiger is an essential keyplayer in the organization of our events, Bullet's extensive expertise in real life flight makes him the perfect fit for the role of an instructor.

Congratulations Tiger! S!
Congratulations Bullet! S!

We thank all of you who have contributed, present and past, your deeds will never be forgotten. You've taken the 104th up and beyond.

On behalf of the 104th Command. Remember guys, we will always be there for you! S! On behalf of all members, we shall always do our best to support you as we can! S!

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