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Red flag suggestion


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The current forms of Red flag are quite fun, and I hope they continue this way. However, I feel it neglects other DCS aircraft because of reasons obvious to all those experienced with DCS.
So it would be fun and very interesting if a future Red Flag event is done without the F15/Su27/M29, and instead we use all other DCS modules available such as the clickable cockpit aircrafts, ground attackers and helicopters. How does that sound to the rest of you?


Would be exciting to see what would happen with F86s, MiG15s and 21s providing CAP or working along with A-10s and frogfoots. It would bring some exciting war stories :)

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A good idea!


However, we will leave this type of format to other Squadrons to champion, we are an out and out Air to Air Squadron and we want to stick to our Monday to Friday.  We actually initially planned to have Red Flag an FC3 only event supporting just air to air, but we decided last minute to allow Strikers to take part to open it up to more of the community.


This would be a fantastic idea to post up on ED forums and reach out to other Squadrons who focus more on these types of airframes and get them involved working with the community to provide Red Flag style events for only those aircraft.


We have committed to providing the community with a Red Flag once a month, this is a lot of work for the squadron to take on top of organising other events which you will hear about shortly, so sadly we'll have to take a back seat on this one and focus on delivering what we are good at... modern era air to air combat.


Thanks for the suggestion



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