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Map Creation and Implementation


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Hi Guys


I been doing programming for roughly 23 years and I am working on a 3D Engine right now.  I am also working on a map and using tools I noticed a couple things that may help you out in implementing AWACS and may offer some clues as to why ATC is buggy in multiplayer.  I won't vouch for ATC but I bet this will allow you to implement AWACS with a lot less instability.  Try zeroing every resource on every airport and airbase on your map prior to starting.  If you would like a totally zero map template I have one available.  Make only the bases you will use unlimited in resources.  If you really want improvement do the tedious work of limiting resources for each team and creating operational priorities in game.  The difference here is memory consumption and task management the server has to do.


I am still testing the theory but so far it looks good and valid.  You can speak to me in team speak when I am on.  My call sign is Sting.

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