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Red Flag 1 BattleFacts


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This fact is very particular (statistics don't lie), something we have been claming to ED for many years and they did nothing:


- Out of the 25 aerial kills, none was by an R-27ER missile, 4 by R-27ET, 1 by R-73, 2 by cannon and 18 by AIM-120.


The former Soviet Union, had brilliant minds in the military and all the science fields (including many Nobel Prices), it's impossible they had a really bad R-27ER missile like the one simulated in DCS.

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Despite all the guidance problem I'd say this is mostly a result of something far more obvious: everyone in the event was fighting to survive. Every missile that achieved a kill is practically an active one. Everything was a huge mess, you would hardly be sane to pursue an ER kill at any given point, unless you have SA that allows for it (which for the majority of the flight, nobody had).

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