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I have one question that I would like to get answered, should I get DCS BLACKSHARK 2 or A10C WARTHOG, which is more popular I this gaming community, and which is simply better?  (PLEASE TAKE NOTE I ONLY MADE A ACOUNT BUT I DIDENT OFFICIALLY SIGN OR GO ON THE TEAMSPEAK SERVER!) 









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Hello Synergy,


That isn't a easy question to answer as they are 2 completely different SIM's I will tell you that both are done VERY well and are a fantastic representation of real study sim. They both have a high level of fidelity and they both have a strong learning curve. Where is your interest? Are you more into fixed wing aircraft or rotors? Both aircraft are incredible against ground targets and both have a high level of game play within the multi-player community. 


In my honest opinion GET BOTH!  :P


Thanks for posting!

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