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Need a little help


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Seems like you all got a pretty good following and I was really interested in flying with a group again. I'm very familiar with World War II flight Sims ..il2 , Cliffs of dover , Battle of Stalingrad,  I recently downloaded DCS world and  got flaming cliffs 3 aircraft and A-10, F-86  P-51, K-50 and pre-ordered Mig-15 (when it's released) was wondering if somebody could log on with me whenever it's convenient for them and help me set up my joystick (its a X-55) and give me a few pointers on the F-15 or SU-33 to help me get better. I just put a new computer together that has no trouble running these games at full graphics.   I found flying with a group enhances the experience and just adds to the fun. 


Would really appreciate if somebody could log on with me  online where I could follow their instructions and set up my joystick at the same time were flying. For some reason I can lock onto a target no problem just cannot get the missile to fire.... Who knows maybe I'm not holding my mouth right or something..lol    But if anybody has a little free time I could sure use a little bit help.


I'm more of a fighter pilot but I would love to learn to use the A-10 also. 



Thnx  Raptor27   (Mark Alison)


 Also I'm new at the forum thing.. but I'm learning   

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It is not a quick solution, but in long term - as you see the new site just went online - we will have a whole section dealing with tutorials, starting guides and how to instructions that will help members of the community to get along and improve their game.


If you happen to find me online, pls don't hesitate to poke me (can take a while since I am on and off from the keyboard), and although I cant give you the complete run through, I'll give you as much help as I can.



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Hey Manawar   Sir I have a Saitek X-55 Rhino and I have been looking at getting some pedals but I haven't made up my mind yet.... also I have a Logitech force feedback G940 that I have used about 10 times, I will probably just put it on eBay and sell it or something... and yes sir I do have TrackIR

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Cool !


I've seen that Saitek x-55 and it seems like it's pretty cool. This will be a great stick that you should get several good years out of.  I would check out and about to see if anyone has made a pretty useful profile for you to use. IF anything loading up that Config and seeing how it's setup will help you with programming. I would take time to logically place functions on the stick and throttle based on the aircraft of you choice. Make sure you refer to the manual.


Remember those functions on the stick and throttle on those aircraft are placed there for a very good reason. Research there function in the aircraft and maybe try to mimic as close as possible. Things like Trim, Fire weapon, Release weapon (yes there is a difference) Radar usage and more. 


Best of luck and don't be afraid to ask a question here. That's what we are here for. 


P.S. As IronMike mentioned we will be adding more content that will be geared toward helping those who are new the the simulation get started. We will also have content for the advanced pilot as well. 

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