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Squadrons and friends!


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Dear friends of the 104th,


in this section of the forums we would like to promote non-104th DCS Competitions.




So, please feel free to promote your own events here, we will always be happy to hear about them - all your work in favour of this community is regarded highly by the 104th. Wether you post as a squadron or a lone wolf friend to us, both is appreciated.



Events that you promote however should be in a certain frame of "DCS normality". Here are a couple of guidelines:



- the event should not involve/ and or promote cheating or foul play. (who would do that anyway?!)


- the event should not be discriminative towards political/ racial/ religious/ sexual orientation or ethnic origin (political orientation aimed at discriminating religion/ sex/ race excluded: means: if you want to promote an anti-rassism event for example, we'll support that of course).


- the event should not be a monolingual event (except english, sry, lol). though in general we have nothing against them, we think the community is too small to be divided further and we would like to promote the brought side, or international side of it. we are pretty sure that you will find respective forums for your monolingual event in your respective country/ region. If you don't, we can help you with that.


- the event should not be a commercial event, it should be a non-profit event that serves the community in general. (if you want to make business, that's ok with us, but pls don't do it here. we are a non-profit organization.)


- your event can be an invitation to the public in general, or a specific invitation for a match (etc) to the 104th. This is the place for both.


- the event should always promote fair play and good sportsmanship and endeavour general multiplayer rules. if you know none, you can take the 104th server rules as a guideline - we would not like events that promote things like teamkilling, taxi takeoffs, abusive chat, name calling, cheating, etc


- your event can serve to challenge squadrons (or us), but it should not incite flame- or squadron-wars and always aim at a mutual and friendly coexistence of possible parties in the DCS community.


- your event should provide a certain stability and infrastructure. if you cannot host 90 ppl, pls do not invite 90 ppl, it would just waste your and our/ or the participants' time. stay within your possibilities, hosting a 5 vs 5 match can be a lot of fun as well!


- if you need help with infrastructure, if we like your idea enough to devote our resources to it and if we have the spare time to do it - you can approach us about that, too, and we'll do something together. However, pls be aware that our schedule is pretty full and we can merely help you, not do the work for you. The idea has to be realistic.





Thank you for understanding! We are very much looking forward to hear from you!



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