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Procedures after landing on a carrier.


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Hi Nerv,

typically after catching the wire you fold your wings and get the hook up, then taxi off to the right behind CAT 1/2. I think aircraft usually spawn behind CAT 1/2 or on the elevators, so parking anywhere near the tower should be fine. If you do park on a spawn point it should redirect spawns to another spot that is free. You can also taxi near the tower all the way back on the tower's side.

Bottom line is make sure you are on SRS tuned to the appropriate frequency and double check if there are any aircraft about to land before you cross the deck.

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Reason I'm asking. After setting up my F-18 I was ready for taxi. Due to one F-18 on final and one on the downwind I've decided to hold my position to not cross their path during landing. After the first one was safe down he taxied direct behind CAT 1 and the second behind CAT 2. So I had to wait until both of them were ready for their next takeoff.

Please do not get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I just want to ask for the common procedures.

SRS was active and tuned in.

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If you won't take long before next takeoff I'd probably park on the forward elevators or inbetween them. Last couple days I spent some time checking IRL manuals but to be honest I couldn't find any reference on how you should taxi post recovery.. but I might not have found the one that has this knowledge ;)

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