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HI Rush, yes Flecha is on our ban list. His ping when joining the server was huge, one time over 1000 and other times 400-500. He got warnings to disconnect by our server, which were ignored, so the server did it's job automatically and kicked him. Second time he joined, ignored the warnings again and this time it banned him. 


As you know our ping limit is set to 330. We value stability on our server. Please advise flecha to turn off all unnecessary programs like Anti Virus, or anything that can update whilst playing. 


With such a high ping though, it's going to be hard for him to fly on 104th. What is his ping normally on 104th?

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Guest santacruz78@argentina.com

hello, my friends is indicative flecha on the DCS and blocked am flying on your server for high pin, and fix the problem and I would like to have high again

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