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737 non standard visual landing


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This video was made back in the days when Hungary had her national airline, MALÉV.

Aircraft was a 737-400. (the flying captain is a good friend of mine)

Listen to the GPWS altitude callouts and imagine that it is not a fighter but a commercial plane. 

The flight was a routine flight from Paris back to Budapest loaded with passengers of course.

Hope you guys like. :)




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Here is another good to watch video. This one was also made by MALÉV pilots. (guess what, this time i know the first officer)

The aircraft was a 737-600. The braking took less than 700 meters. No. The 737 is not equipped with a drag chute :D

BTW. There was a bet on who could do that for the first time. This "stunt" was not redone by anyone.




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