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Congratulation 104th_Stuge on passing the Carrier Quals!


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Congratulations to 104th_Stuge


who on 13/06/2015


passed his final test as a 104th cadet - the 104th Carrier Qualification!


On so doing he earned his wings and full membership in the 104th Phoenix Virtual Fighter Bomber Squadron.








(104cdt_Stuge - now 104th_Stuge - while landing at his Carrier Quals)



"Stuge excelled at precision and performance and just really nailed it. The turns were accurate and precise, the calls spot on, the flight inputs as controlled and smooth as one would wish."


We want to welcome you in our family and hope that you feel at home as much as you can.
Remember: Honor. Excellence. Integrity.


We hope that you continue your sterling career, that you always remember: no matter how good you are - there is always something to learn, it never stops.


(and from time to time: shut up!) LOL : CRAZY :


Proud to have you as our member!



BIG S!alute and Best Wishes!



On behald of 104th Command,



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Thank you every single one of you for your support, understanding and patience with me. You've treated me really well and I truly feel that I belong here with you. Looking forward to the future and hoping to be useful, like sharing the burden of instructing if and when needed... 


Special thanks to Ironmike, I know it wasn't easy for you :)

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Stuge my friend,

you've made two milestones in the time that I have know and flown with you. I remember a time when you were still a lone wolf, a predator. I always enjoyed flying with you and learning from you, taking notes from your well of knowledge. I've always though of you as 104 material, I remember persistently nagging and hinting to you that you should sign up! After humming and hawing and maybe, not so sure, one day during recruitment season I hop online and happen to notice something a little different about your tags. There was a 104th Cadet tag in front of your call sign, hmm funny that? I was ecstatic that you had applied, half in disbelief that the lone wolf was ready to join the pack! And now you are here, you are one of the 104th. When you made your third trap, the moment when you were forced to a shuttering stop, as the bungee held you in its death grip, hanging off your straps, contemplating life, sweat gleaming in your mask. That was the moment you earned your place in our brotherhood. That was the moment we added a skilled and capable individual to our ranks, worthy of holding the tags of the Phoenix.

         Vivo morte refecta mea


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