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List of mods that will fail integrity check.


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Hey guys,


 I am unable to connect to 104 with the usual connection interrupted message. The only mods i am using are graphics and sound mods nothing to do with weapons. Is there a list of mods somewhere that will make the integrity check fail? I am itching to fly on the 104th but havent been able to. Thanks in advance for the help.



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Our Help Desk channel on our Teamspeak server lists these files sir.  If you continue to have issues please join this channel on TS3 and someone will help you when we can.





"If you cannot enter the server - most of the time it is because you're faiing the Integrity Check. Delete these folders/ files and run DCS Repair - it will automatically replace them.


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I'm using diveplanes sound mods an none of the files mentioned above are in it so you guys must have restricted a few more than that. If I could get a full list or another reason why that sound mod doesn't work that would be great thanks.


edit: the stand alone f-15 v2.0 will work but not the other one I have "Diveplane's unofficial soundpack 2.9.2". The only difference is the air sounds an a few global sounds I think but as I said above none of those files listed are in the sound pack.

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