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I believe I was banned for crashing on the taxiway


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My sincere apologies. I crashed into someone on the taxiway, and I can only imagine how annoying that was after startup, arming and waiting in line to takeoff. It was an accident of course, and my taxi skills/etiquette are much improved.


I'm from Los Angeles, and hitting people on the road is a cultural sign of extending friendship here.


I'd appreciate to be taken off the banned list.





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Yes you are correct, one of our admins banned you after you ran into them on the ground, unfortunately we do not share the same custom here at the 104th but never the less we appreciate the open hand of a new friendship.


Please make sure you keep your speed down when taxiing and under no circumstances attempt to takeoff from a taxiway, always use the LEFT side of the runway in our server.


You can now rejoin, good luck!

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