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Opinions about the Restricted-Weapons-Weekends


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Hello Gentlemen,


I'd like to propose some balance for the weekends special missions.


Since a few weeks, as far as I understand, there have been weapons restrictions on the 104th Phoenix server.

On saturdays only SARH and passive IR is allowed and on sundays only AIM-9, R-60 and R-73. I kind of like the idea behind it: Getting fresh air to everydays server life, forcing people to use weapons they normally do not use (for example the AIM-7), so I generally enjoy them.


My problem is that I normally only have time for a good amount of serious flying on the weekends. So in the last few weeks I was coming online, hoping for some nice BVR engagements and got pretty disappointed after a while.


I am not against these missions and understand that many people will probably like them, but I would still suggest some balance, so one can still fly the Eagle as it is supposed to be flown on weekends.


Is it possible to only host every second mission with restricted weapons or only host these missions every second weekend?


I would also like to hear other players opinions. Does anybody feel the same way? Does anybody have different suggestions concerning this topic? I am intersted.



Cheers, TaccoZ

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