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Long Time No See


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Howdi y'all.  
After a almost 4 full year hiatus from DCS, I have decided to jump back in full throttle.
I have a "smokin'" new gaming PC .. 4.3 ghz processor, 64 gb Ram, an RTX 4090 Gaming Trio GPU and the HP Reverb G2 VR headset so I feel confident that any significant issues are going to be "Pilot Error" and/or "DCS Software" which at least narrows the variables.
I"m pretty confident that even with all of Beta's never-ending issues that I'll be able to have a great time. Truth is I am in a better head-space now than I was 4 years ago which will surely make a difference in my demeanor making the Sim more enjoyable for me and me more bearable for others.
I know for sure that I ALWAYS had a great time flying with you fellers for as long as I did even if at times I didn't sound like it.

I have cataract surgery on April 24th and May 1st after which I should be good to go all-in and already be well set up.
I was in your server this past weekend for maybe a couple hours along with a long-time DCS friend who was helping me get SRS set up again.
I still have lots of peripherals to set up along with Profiles in DCS for at least a few of my favourite Modules but I hope that I'll be 100% ready to go by mid-May at the latest. Meanwhile I know that I need lots of flight practice and that too will give me lots of opportunities to tweak things to my liking. So I hope to be jump in/out of your server over the next few weeks while I get my "doo-doo" together with a few cockpits etc.
In the meantime, I hope that I'm welcome to jump back in with y'all and even contribute to server expenses as I did in the past (what little I could). I definitely look forward to "gettin' some" with the 104th again soon and hopefully for years to come.

What say ye ?

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Sorry you had to wait 2 months for a response but the forums aren't getting much use the last couple years. We have a Discord server where all the activity happens now and we'd be very happy to have you join us there: http://discord.gg/104thphoenixvfbs

Hope to see ya there soon if you have similarly adopted the Discord ways, fate seems to eventually force it upon us all. I was probably around back in your 104th "good old days" but I was just another visitor to the server, likely not a name you'll remember. All the same, I'm happy to do some flying and I always appreciate a fellow member of the DCS old-school.

And I have to say, that's an absolutely bitchin' setup. Congrats!

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