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Connection Interrupted (Due to high ping I guess)


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I think I got banned due to multiple times of disconnects and ping infractions (my ping spiked to around 450-1000) on my part (I live in South East Asia) I just got "Connection interrupted" about an hour ago, and would like to fly in this server again due to the great community.

And I read through the forums just now (because I didn't know before) that if I get a Ping warning, I should quit. Ignorance on my part and just started flying on your server yesterday. Fantastic players if I may say. 

Full regards!

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I will look into this tonight for you when I finish work. Our server has a ping limit of 330 anyone with a ping higher than this is automatically kicked from the server. After two auto kicks our server automatically adds you to our banned list.

In future if you leave the server when you get a ping warning you will avoid being placed on the banned list.

Happy to hear you enjoy flying with us :)

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