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Cougar MFD LCD Mod

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That guy is a really good friend of mine. I'm speaking with him several times a week. If you are stuck send a message to me and I can ask him! :)

Looking forward for you version!

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Here is an update on my Cougar MFD Mod by "SpeedBird"


I am all finished with the assembly. All that is left is to wait for the power cords to arrive and I will be able to test the LCD panels for proper functionality.


Photos attached.







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Everything is setup and tested. The LCD panels are working using the on-cpu intel graphics. With UltraMFCD I was able to export the MFD's from the A10-C to the MFD displays. There is an issue that causes poor fps on the exported displays with the latest Nvidia series of drivers. Reverting to an older version is the work around. Just since I installed UltraMFCD the website for the app has disappeared. Not sure what the deal is there but the Cougar "real" MFD MOD project was a complete success. I will post photos soon of the working exported displays during flight.


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