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can we get a server that doesnt crash? is that possible with dcs?


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i understand a lot of the problems with the server is DCS it self.... but the server went down today at 10:30 mountain time.... and 2 hours later isnt back up. unacceptable. 

im a computer science major.... their isnt a way to make a program that scans the servers IP and kicks it in the ass when it doesnt see its up?

or make a "red phone" that we can post/click on that texts or PMs an admin? i know ya cant have someone on duty 24/7.... but today about 40 people closed DCS disappointed....


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I think you're barking up the wrong tree. The issue is not our server but the multiplayer instability of the DCS itself. You need to make your argument for at the DCS forums. Your argument of the server being down as "Unacceptable" is a bit harsh. I think you might need to understand that this is a free server and although we do our very best we are not required to serve you. Many of us have real lives and responsibilities and cannot monitor the server 24/7. This very expensive infrastructure is provided to you and others on behalf of the 104th Phoenix free of cost. However, you're free to donate to assist in the cost. 


I appreciate that you are in school majoring in computer science. However, PoleCat and I are IT business owners and have done this for a living for more years than we can count. We know hardware software and application design on an enterprise level. Several of us are also on the Beta. We are completely aware of what's going on with the sim way before it gets to you. Judging by your comments I can tell that don't understand the nature of how DCS multiplayer works. That's ok. Let us worry about that.


But in the future if you have issues with the stability of the simulator post your grievances on the DCS forums. We have zero control when it comes to multiplayer code or stability.

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Well, it is very unfortunate, that the server crashed while no admin was around.


This happens normally extremely rarely as we have admins from all time zones. But as Ed said - even if there would be a possibility to let's say even make a call on my phone - do you think I should get up at 4:30 am in the morning just to restart the server?


Think of it mate: the server was down for 2 hrs out of 24/7 times 365 days... Do you really think making a point about this is necessary? ;)


Apart from that - whatever Manawar said, althouogh I am inclined to believe that your words sounded more harsh than they were meant.


We had once a programm that would restart the server automatically, unfortunately that doesnt work anymore. So a new one would have to be written. Maybe you could make your programming skills count in that case - a lot of servers out there would appreciate a programme like that.


Anyway - in the meantime it should be back up  - enjoy flying!




EDIT: Moved to suggestions box.

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