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Joint Warrior 4 | Strategic TacVIEW | Blue vs Orange | Finals


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Massive thanks to everyone who took part in last nights Finals, the event went really well with some intense engagements over the 3 hour duration!

We managed to get 95% of the finalists in the air at the scheduled mission start time, something we are going to keep working on! We want everyone to get used to the events starting at a certain time so we don't have people waiting in Teamspeak for 1hour+ for the event to start!

Again we learned some good lessons in this event that we are going to carry forward for the future to make these events more enjoyable!

Huge thanks to Flankerator, the 51st guys and to 104th_RIPTIDE who all helped to make this event possible!

Here is the Strategic TacVIEW video for you guys to watch that plays out the battle at 16x speed!

Hope you enjoy!


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Hey guyz thank you for the organisation! and great flying for 104th as always!;)


it was great even if i died 1 min after take off :)


We were expecting from you to be on one axis threat so we decided to put 4 caps in azimut with a simo push on order, to give you a 4 axis threat with a push of 2 ships in Lead/trail at each cap to try to get some beam entry on you at some point.

Unfortunatly riptide attak south cap group before every body was on station so its was a bit messy.


Lessons learn for me, from my noob perspective is that :

Our north cap was a bit far away thus not factor, i should have set it maybe a little bit more to the south to have better agression on you.

I though that my north cap was taking care of taccoz and cobra thinking they were closer to them, im unware of the distance  and

 position then try to recommit but it was a mistake...Again to eager and maybe lack of SA trying to lead all caps and lack of organisation with my north cap !!!


So as we saw, the good organisation is a key, there is no secret you guys are very well organised with some good target hand over and it's easy to see that you often fly together.


Again Big thanks for the  Hosting and the event! ;) keep it up



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