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Hoping to return to the sky


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Gentlemen. Nice to see you all again. Used to come around about 4-5 years ago. Was under the name  Wargo. Been a long, long time since I messed with DCS. Some due to time and some due to getting into BMS more than DCS as my love for the Viper.   Trying to get setup again and things have changed. Im struggling getting my Cougar setup properly to run the A10 & F15.  Was wondering if anyone could help me out or point me in the right direction.  I got a TARGET profile but I am not too familiar with it or sure if I am setting it up right. Also had a ton of conflicting controls in the menu when I loaded the lue profiles.   Hope all has been well to all the 104th.

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Hello sir, welcome back!!!!


To be honest the best way you can get help is by jumping onto our Teamspeak Server sir, there are always lots of people around you can ask and if you join the Help Desk channel someone from the 104th will help you out as soon as they see you chilling there!


Looking forward to seeing you up in the big virtual blue!



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