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Operation Armageddon


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Operation Armageddon
Now live on the 104th Phoenix Dedicated Server

A short range high intensity Air to Air Scenario with Target Area's in the Crimea for the first time ever on our server!

Blue Fighters - Anapa - Strikers - Krymsk
Red Fighters - Maykop - Strikers - Sochi

Mission Map

Target Area Charlie, an enemy port in the Crimea

Mission also features Krasnodar Airbases that can be captured. Blue starts with Krasnodar Centre and Red Starts with Krasnodar Pashkovsky. To capture the enemy airbase your side must destroy all the SAMS located there, shortly after this, friendly SAMS will spawn on that base!
If the enemy returns then destroys all your sides units at your newly captured base then you will lose this base to the enemy!

Both Krasnodar Centre and Pashkovsky are only protected by SA-13 Strela and AAA!
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