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After using JSGME to install some graphic mods all was going good until I deactivated one of the mods while DCS was still running. After this mishap DCS says "DCS has stopped working" every start up. It doesn't even let me into the game, just a black screen and then "DCS has stopped working." How do I fix this? I already tried Repair DCS World and it did nothing to fix it. I would prefer not downloading DCS World and five modules over again. Thank you so much!


Giovanni..... I wish dcs didn't have so many glitches.. : SWEAT :

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Un-install DCS then delete the Eagle Dynamics folder in your c:/programe files/   (very important)


Then re-install.... sorry

Okay, thank you. Also, when it says you have 8 more activations left, does that mean I can only download and activate the game 8 more times before I lose that model and have to buy it again?

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