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Hey pilots,

My name is Isaac and I am sorta new to DCS. Well, lets just say I have renewed interest in it after the 'Fighter Collection' was released. I have a lot of experience in Dog Fighting with guns in WW2 aircraft. I have been playing since the days of IL-2 and MS Combat Flight Simulator. I played MSFS 2004 for a number of years. I once flew a Lear Jet all the way home from Pensacola FL to Redding, CA (KNPA - KRDD).

I recently discovered your server and I really like it there. I have learned a lot. For example don't fly to the fighter bulls eye in your Su-25T. You will assuredly die quickly via an AIM-120C or AIM-9. I'm hoping to come on COMM's  (Team Speak and maybe get some instruction on the F-15C and Su-27. Nice meeting all of you!

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