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New ping limit?


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Hey guys, been flying on the server now for a month or so and have been enjoying every second. However when I went to fly to today I get disconnected for having a ping over 200 (ping is normally stable ~250 ms). Is this a permanent addition? If so that is unfortunate but understandable, so thanks for the good times flying with you guys.

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We currently set the 200 ping limit only for 24hrs, as we need to test out all scenarios on DCS. 

The test started at 1700z yesterday and will stop at 1700z today. 

We apologize if this disappoints some people, but please be patient and aware of why we do these tests. We value DCS stability and want everyone's time on the 104th to be as stable and smooth as possible.

I hope this answers your questions guys.

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I'm in Sydney too. Currently on ADSL 2+ with TPG but have had issues with the line in the past. I think they stabilised it a while ago but my DL speed suffered subsequently. Moving to a new place in a month or so, so hopefully I'll be able to get a better connection then. I want my NBN!!

PS. I should note that I very much doubt the issue has anything to do with my hardware setup - modem etc is all new and bought by myself.

PPS. Is 250 max ping a permanent thing or will it go back above 300 at some point? Obviously would love to be able to fly on the server again asap :-)

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Sorry for now we are sticking with a ping limit of 250, we may even be making this a permanent feature of the server until DCS becomes more stable with clients with high pings connected.


We didn't want to do this however we have noticed a marked improvement in server performance since we restricted the ping limit so it looks like we will be keeping it.


We will post with another update shortly

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