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DCS Vids Illumination etc (SAB-100s and Vihkrs)


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Quite some time back (aka 2011) I created some videos to describe the use and effects of the SAB-100 Illumination Bomb.  Flew some illum missions on the server this last weekend to help some of the last Gen Aircraft spot and engage targets better.  The information is still valid in current versions of DCS World.

The link below may help some of the newer pilots gain an understanding of using Illumination bombs in support of missions... and help some of us "older tech" flyers out.

I owe a video on the Illumination :)  ... essentially the rockets have LUU-2 flares in the body and work similar... it's just getting them over a target area without getting shot down that's a bit different... especially when trying to employ them from a Helo ......

The flares still burn out the minute they touch the deck... so my dream of putting a flare on the deck to mark still goes on as a dream... :(  someday maybe....


AldoUSMC DCS Videos


Semper Fi


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