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For some reason I can't see the 104th server in the server browser. It's bizarre, since I can see just about every other server I'd expect to see (hollopointe, hoggit, and so on are all visible).  So, a couple of questions:


1.  Er, have I been banned?  I can't imagine why I would have been banned deliberately, but it seems like a good question to ask before I start tearing apart my network settings.  I fly under "ScAv."

2.  Assuming I haven't been banned, could I have the 104th's IP to see if I can connect that way?  I asked a friend, but apparently the server's name is long enough to push the IP off the end of the server browser. 


Also, FYI the "banned box" section on these forums doesn't allow people to create new topics.

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I'm glad to hear that the server is online, but it's still not appearing in the master browser for me.  That's why I'm hoping someone will tell me the IP address, so I can use the "connect by IP" function instead.  The current server IP doesn't seem to be posted anywhere.


It's very strange, since I was able to see it fine until last weekend.  Somewhere between last weekend and the weekend before it just vanished off my list and hasn't returned.  I'd rather not have to hold my breath to see if DCS 2 fixes it....

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Seems like when Scav does a tracert to the server IP that it stops at "Joe's data center" (my other buddy lost the trace so I haven't looked into it myself yet).  My first thought is that scav's IP or his IP range is either blocked or blackholed....maybe there was a DDOS attack on the datacenter from his IP range?


I think our best course of action would be to email that datacenter and see if they can investigate. 


Edit: After seeing the trace... it only stops  because it hits the firewall, and that wouldn't allow pings through it which makes sense. 

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