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Just showing my appreciation!


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Hey there 104th folks!

     At first, i thought i couldnt connect to the multiplayer server due to being kicked for being idle too long but apparently it was just my mods (i'm part of a carrier-based U.S.-Navy Virtual Squadron and we get graded on our landings by a virtual (unbiased) Landing signal officer after each mission, Download the carrier and A-7E for free if you weant from our website but just private-message me if you'd like the website i don't want to be rude and advertise our website here!)

   But anyways, I just wanted to thank "104th Highway" for all of his patience and help yesterday! He sat with me for about almost an hour while we did the scan and showed me how to re-install my mods afterwards so that i could still play with my buddies once or twice a week at our meetup-dates! And he even spent a few hours with me afterwards on the 104th showing me some of the ropes on the F-15C's radar andhow to best utilize some of the tactics for it! So i just wanted to say thanks again to him, and thanks to all the 104th for being so friendl and helpful!

                     See y'all in the skies!
                                           -Chris Krzanich (aka Donkey in game)

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Very delighted that you had that experience, mate. Yes, our Highway is a brilliant lad!


But, please, by all means, share your homepage with us. We very much love Carrier Ops above all, so we are looking forward to it, and also would like to help you make it known to a broughter community!

Good to have you aboard, mate!


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