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Unable to see server in server list...


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They are running DCS World 1.5 now... you can only join by IP   No Password

That info is listed on their Team Speak Server when you connect to it.

I was just in flying around on it so it is up it does not show up on the server list.

Semper Fi


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yes, unfortunately we have to struggle through initial hick ups with 1.5, but probably 1 or 2 months from now, everything should be back to normal.


Appologies for that. However, gentlemen, please understand that you help us localizing bugs when flying on the server, which is why we decided to host in 1.5. Overall this should help ED improve Multiplayer much faster!


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It's because they haven't updated their server to the latest Open Beta patch.The 104th are still running Patch You are running, that's why a bunch of servers disappeared.

Usually the 104th will update when the Release Version (non open beta) gets updated too. Hopefully not too much longer.

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Sometimes if it's only a small update, you will still be able to see all the servers as very little has changed from the last update. However, that means players are using 2 different updates on 1 server. Whether that affects game stability or not, I'm not sure. 

Best thing to do is run 2 versions of DCS, Release Version and an Open Beta version. 

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