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Happy Birthday 104th_PoleCat


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It is a true story, that this squadron not only has been co-founded by one of the greatest men, that we know, 104th_PoleCat, one of our two Wing Commanders, but it also has been named, after, well: his birthday 10-4 - as the date would be written in the US.

Paul - this comes from all the members:




We owe you a lot and we want to tell you, how much you mean to us, to the Squadron, to the community, and how much we wish you all the very best from the bottom of our hearts. Sounds cheap, is cheap, but hell: it is honest, too!

My friend, rest assured, we are with you today and we all hope that


you spend an effing awesome day today!



Hopefully a day like this one ;-)

(left to right: 104th_PoleCat and 104th_Manawar, our Wing Commanders)


Signed: 104th_Command

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Thanks guys that was very thoughtful. Ed, Aleks, thank you for the personal phone calls and the Bday wishes.

I  had a really nice start to my birthday, but that got interrupted by work :( It's OK though, Janet says I get a do over. Celebrating a birthday usually means far too much celebration to fit into one day so Janet and I usually make our birthdays into birth-weeks:).

 Even though I have had no time to participate, seeing the 104th doing so well under the very capable hands of the current leadership is a great birthday present. Ed and I could not be more proud of how far the Phoenix has come or of the members who participate every day and support the 104th in every conceivable manner. You guys are the best!


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