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Logitech G930

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Hi Gents,

My Logitech G930 Wireless headset is acting up.  Folks on TS say I sound robotic or raspy.  I ran voice test... yep.. raspy and echo/motor boating.  I was able to tone out the motorboating but the rasp won't seem to go away.

I've... DL'd windows 10 drivers for Logitech Game Software, Reinstalled TS3, reloaded TS3 Plugins (only running the G-15 plugin),  check update status on my sound board...

Saw the G930 on sale for $80 so pulled the trigger (that's more than half off original... G933 coming out soon).... thought maybe headset was shot from long useage....and headband was on the outs...

Still raspy.. argh...

Running Windows 10..

  out of ideas at the moment.

Anybody had this issue and have any ideas on fixes ?



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