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Correct installation order


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Hey Ghost,


install Black Shark 1 first and in some place you don'T need it afterwards - you'll just need it for the Blackshark 2 update.


Then install DCS World. After that install your modules, in any order you wish, you can use the module manager in the singleplayer GUI.


Flaming Cliffs 1 and 2 you will never need again. Just install the FC3 module.




PLS also go to your profile and do the following steps, explained in this thread, to adjust your image:


Good to have you back, btw - how's life treating you and are you getting back into the saddle? Check in TS sometime soon.



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Thanks Mike,


I'll install the modules the only constraint I have is time and its been so long I'll have to re-learn everything again. Life ispretty good at the moment, just really busy.


Thanks for the heads up about the avatar, all sorted now.



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