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Elite Dangerous: 104th Phoenix Discovery Group in Woyo Mina update


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Hi all.

I was wondering if having a dedicated thread in the forums for the 104th Phoenix Discovery Group in Elite Dangerous would be prudent, now that CMDRs Knight, Riptide and IronMike (and others I'm sure) have done a great job creating / controlling the system in Woyo Mina? I know updating our Facebook Page with constant E.D. stuff may take away from the overall VFBS intention. ;-)

I've been working the local system these past few days to help keep it in our favour. I'm happy to report that I'm now officially "Allied" and our influence in the system is at 84% and rising. The other factions in our system are on a downward trend, except for Woyo Mina Free (which I'll have to help under mind).

Also to note, I was working a Bounty Hunter mission last night in HIP 9414 and started seeing Bulletin Board missions to destroy Civilian and Authority vessels in Woyo Mina! This can only mean that our influence is spreading throughout the adjacent systems and they're not too happy about it. I have a few bounties on my head from 104th based missions and I'm happy to work though all that pressure of hunting while being hunted in my Vulture (a good killing and smuggling machine).

Overall, I'm no where near Elite on any level yet and I have a lot to learn still, but each smuggling run / combat mission that I do, or even getting my ass handed to me is more experience in knowing of my ship abilities and limitations. Perhaps if the Woyo Mina Ghosts want to post a quick and dirty agenda to help put the 104th Phoenix Discovery Group over the top in Woyo Mina (and beyond?), I can help accomplish more tasks to spread our influence in the surrounding systems. However, I don't want to start a war without permission either! If the risk is too great for other factions to start hunting us down in our own system, then I'll stick to more reasonable missions.


PS: my in game name is CMDR Toadster00 if anyone wants to add me.

2015-11-03_00002.thumb.jpg.4136785e1fdc7 the

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I'm happy (but nervous) to report that our System has gone from Lockdown to Expansion (up 71%)! I've noticed there is now work for the 104th Discovery Group at stations in neighbouring systems too, so this means lots of work available to increase influence but harder to cover a few systems at once.

Also, there's more conflict zones popping up in those systems, which is good for accumulating large credit payoffs per ship that you destroy by picking the side of the faction against the one you want to see influence drop. Siding with a faction in those conflict zones means you have support when you're attacking an Anaconda or Python for big pay off! However, I'm sure we have to watch the balance in the system that we have our influence spreading - don't want to undermine the 104th expanding Empire!



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There's some money to be made in a huge conflict for the Community Goals at the Cayutorme System, near Adkins Port. It's only 50 Ly from Woyo Mina and I made 400,000 Credits for about 20 minutes of fighting (for the Empire of course). Looks like you can register at Adkins Port if you want to be part of the Tier earnings or just go and claim your Combat Bonds. Either way, there's also lots of CMDRs there too, so watch your back if you get into that fur ball...



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