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104th Phoenix allied with Aisling Duval?


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Just interested in knowing if the 104th Phoenix in ED is allied with Aisling Duval or whether it's at the independent commander's discretion.


I'm trying to pull co-ordination of AD-aligned groups together and so I'm interested in:

How many 104th Commanders play AD?

Are you affiliated with Aisling Duval?


One of our commanders met a member of the 104th today, who said they were AD, just trying to figure things out.  I can be emailed at shaunzeb@hotmail.com or on reddit at u/JeffRyan78

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Hey mate, we are all affiliated with Aisling Duval exclusively. We currently have 10 pilots, our base is at Woyo Mina, owned by the 104th Phoenix Discovery Group, which again is owned by the Woyo Mina Ghosts, our elite force. The 104th currently expanded to the L 12-19 system. 

The fleet of the Ghosts alone is currently netting around 6 billion credits, on top of the Phoenix Group. A friend squadron, the 71st, has taken shelter at Woyo Mina, too, so we can build up numbers if needed quickly. Friendly groups ingame are the Prismatic Imperium, Aisling's Angels and the Achenar Immortals.

The 104th Phoenix Discovery Group engages in military exploration and reconaissance, constantly seeking to expand the boundries of the Empire.


Hail the Emperor! Bask in her Greatness!






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