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DCS forum password reset HELP PLEASE

gooey stewie

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Hi 104th I am a newbie to the DCS world. but have been watching simiG and ralfidude on youtube quite a bit, and noticed they all fly on this server. You guys seem really sorted. I am in australia so I dont know how good the latency would be But Id love to fly one day on here. Having said that I am having some trouble with the official DCS/eagle forums 
I am trying to reset my password. but the stupid questions and answers seem to be screwed up or something. because the answers to the questions seem easy, but they wont work. 

For instance 

to reset the password. you enter email address.. thats easy. then as a spam protector, or 2nd layer type thing. it asks you a question 
question is. what series is discussed on this forum. 
Answer: That seems easy. it would be DCS or Digital Combat Simulator.... Right? WRONG! I tried everything. wont accept. 

So I refresh the page enough so it selects a diff question. this one is 

Question. What is the nickname for the KA52 heli. I googled it. I got blackshark and a few others. ALL OF THEM DONT WORK. LOL 


So if anyone knows the answers. could you post them, as I am at a loss. and the staff support is broken russian/english hybrid LOL 

I would love some help. I just got my X55 and I was trying to find a good profile, and thought that would be the best place to look.

Thanks in advance 

Gooey Stewie.. Out 

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hi mate , im in australia to had exact same problem with dcs couldnt log in after a long time , i played this alot last year thought id give it another go . couldnt log in . in the end i sent a e-mail to support i got a quick response a new password etc sent . had to fish about a bit for the support e-mail address.  but if its a profile you want  try this  http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/602470/ if that doesnt work let me know ill e-mail mine to you .

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