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Congrats Octuplefire & TitanFire // Highway

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The 104th Phoenix VFBS would like to congratulate our two newly winged Pilots! It has been a long and trying road but you two have answered the call.

Welcome to the squadron men....  S!



We would also like to thank 104th_Highway for his work as Instructor! For his dedication for the squadron we promoted him to Senior Pilot.



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Many thanks for the warm welcomes, gentlemen.  It has a been a thoroughly enjoyable time as a cadet, but it is great feeling to have those carrier quals behind me! :)

Congratulations also to Highway.  Thoroughly deserved, buddy!  Much kudos to you for the stellar work you've done as an instructor.  It was greatly appreciated, Jon.



PS - A quiet nod to Ed for being one of the few people here to correctly capitalise the F in my name ;)

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