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Hi all,

I've been getting into DCS flying the A-10C and flight sims in general (BMS) and am looking to get into playing multiplayer.  Although still a beginner I can handle the A10 reasonably well but am always looking to learn more from experienced pilots and fly some missions.


Is this a good place for me, seems like you guys are F15 focused and way more experienced than me?  If noob A10 pilots are welcome, when would be best to try the server?






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This would be one of the best places for you. The community here is like a family and I'm sure if you ask around for help you can find all your answers you seek. As far as our squadron, yes we mostly are focused on the f15, but we do know how to fly the rest. We, the 104th are a select few and we are proud to be here. You do not need a membership to fly on our server, you can mingle with the rest of the hardcore sim pilots on our Teamspeak 3 server(  Password: phoenix ) for the best experience. Don't be afraid to ask questions. However, If you are looking to become a 104th member, unfortunately our recruitment center is closed. For more information on this you would have to contact Riptide or Ironmike when on TS3. 

I hope this helps, If you have anymore questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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